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May 9th,2021

Due to the second wave of the COVID-19 Anasuya's  “Thank You Brother” is streaming now on Aha Video. 

Story Of The Film :-

The film follows two strangers who get trapped in an elevator in a building. One is a pregnant lady and the other is a young guy. Priya (Anasuya) is expecting her first child with her husband who had died recently. Priya goes to an apartment to collect a cheque from her husband’s factory manager. Abhi (Viraj Ashwin), a rich spoiled brat, comes to the same apartment on his work. Both of them find themselves trapped inside the stalled lift.With lockdown in the city due to COVID-19, the lift mechanic is not readily available to rescue them. Meanwhile, pregnant Priya goes into labour. As time is ticking, will they survive? What will Abhi do to save the mother and child? For a movie with only 100 minutes of runtime, “Thank You Brother” feels longer as it has a paper-thin story. 


Anasuya as a pregnant lady is apt. She puts up a strong performance. Viraj Ashwin is suited well to the role of a spoiled brat but his acting is not compelling at all. Viva Harsha and other comedians bring nothing to the board. 

Movie: Thank You Brother

Cast: Anasuya Bharadwaj, Viraj Ashwin, Annapurnamma, Kadambari Kiran, Mounika Reddy and others
Music: Guna Balasubramanian
Cinematography: Suresh Ragutu
Editor: Uday Kumar, Venkat G
Art: Purushotham Prem
Producers: Magunta Sarath Chandra Reddy, Taraknath Bommi Reddy
Written and Direction: Ramesh Raparthi
Release Date: May 07, 2021
Streaming on: Aha Video

Rating :2.75/5

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