Importance Of Sri Mahavishnu Sudarshana Chakra


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Apr 13th,2021

Bhadrachalam Sri Sitaramachandra Swamy Temple is the Sudarshana Chakra on the pregnant woman, not made by anyone. And that's how it came to be Bhaktaramadasu after he built the temple, he is making the Sudarshana Chakra by bringing out great metal sculptures to install the Sudarshana Chakra on the top of the temple. But no matter how many times they try it's either broken, or not coming right. ′′ Bhakta..!! Sudarshana Chakra means glorious that night Sri Ramachandra appeared in the dream of upset Ramadasu.

It cannot be built by common people. That's why I am giving you my Sudarshana Chakra. It is in Godavari. He said bring it and consecrate it. The next day, Ramadas searched with gaja swimmers. But did not show up. Once again Ram appeared in the dream and said, ′′ It will be seen only for you who have increased immense devotion on me then he himself went to Ramadasa and bowed to Godavari mother and praised Ramachandra and put his hands in Godavari and that Sudarshana Chakra stopped in his hand. That Sudarshana Chakra is what we are seeing now Bhadradri will become a great shrine only because of this much of peace... Sri Rama Rama Rama Rama Ram Ram is our manoram Sahasranama Tulyam Rama's name is coming May everyone be happy.



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